Our History

Can Pujol was born from Josep’s enthusiasm. Growing up in a farmhouse marked him deeply, wanting to live in and out of the countryside. The principles are full of anecdotes. The first was the journey in a utility vehicle without any guarantee of being able to successfully cover the "creepy" distance of 650 km. that was between Josep and his first four goats, who on the way back were occupants of that vehicle.

Formatges Can Pujol began activity in 1980 in a very small cheese factory. The first cheeses we made were for immediate consumption: fresh, curd, curd… and we expanded as the market became more receptive to our products.

In the early 1990's we moved to another, larger place where we would stay for seven years. It was then that the idea of ​​making a matured cheese arose. We set ourselves the conditions to make a cheese with great quality and originality.

Thus was born in 1991 the "Nevat" which as time is certifying us, has met the established premises. A cheese that combines a careful cheese technique and a totally artisanal elaboration, being “molded” manually piece by piece.

Today, after more than thirty-five years, FORMATGES CAN PUJOL has become a company that is present in the main distribution points of Catalonia and Spain, and exports to several countries, where we have won several awards and recognitions for its quality.

Quality Controls

" The milk used is analyzed daily."

" Compliance with hygienic-sanitary conditions."

" All the pieces are reviewed by Josep."

Awards and Recognitions

  • Sant Mateu : * 1º New York Fancy Food Fair Award - 2003
  • Petit Nevat : * Silver medal at the World Cheese Awards- 2006 England Soft goat’s plain-mold-ripened milk cheese
  • CANTELL: First prize “matured goat cheese - Artisan Cheeses City of Barbastro” 2009
  • NEVAT. International Cheese Awards “Best Spanish Cheese Continental Cheese. 2011
  • ODRE: Lactium Bronze. Soft sheep cheese. 2012
  • ROS: Medalla d’Or. Lladó artisan cheese competition 2016
  • CANTELL: Bronze medal at World Cheese Awards- 2016-2017 Semi-hard goat’s milk cheese plain.

Our Facilities

We are currently in a 400m2 facility that meets all health requirements, making our work more enjoyable and achieving better results..